Authority. Flows through flat farmland. Thompson River. From ice-off around late April/early May, lakes around Merritt and Kamloops offer some of the best trout and char fishing in the world. 600 g), Last stocked with trout by Fisheries Victoria in 1969. Some popular lakes that are worth visiting include Tunkwa and Leighton Lakes in Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park, Lac Le Jeune just south of Kamloops, Roche Lake in Roche Lake Provincial Park, lakes in the Kane Valley, Alleyne and Kentucky Lake in Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park, Lundbom and Marquart Lake just outside of Merritt. One of the more popular spots for a plethora of fishermen is Cheeseman Canyon with one of the longest public tailwaters in the state and a gold medal fishery. It’s a beautiful river located a few hours east of Banff National Park. No Activity Yet. Stave River Report. Platypus are abundant. Rainbow Lake. Guyatt Lake, Sale Lake Mary Ronan State Park. Best Spots for Fishing in New Jersey #1. Some native fish species in our waterways are listed as nationally endangered or vulnerable (e.g. Walleye fishing here is among the best you'll find but there are other whoppers out there: northern pike, bass, perch and even catfish. Advertise with us - Video Production - Website Design - Subscription Service - Contact Us. 300 g), rainbow trout to 350 g, short-finned eels, Australian bass and goldfish. fishing locations’ ... King George River Berkeley River Fathom Rock Thompson River Pentecost River Cambridge Gulf Town Ramp Anthon Landing 254 261 264 271 274 281 284 291 252 255 262 265 272 275 282 285 292 253 260 263 270 273 280 283 290 293 … Contains abundant brown trout to 320 g and occasionally to 600 g, (av. The famous Thompson River steelhead fishery usually begins in October, but announcements of the opening are usually made in the last minute so you need to check the ministry's website for updates. 124,020 ML. The Thompson River offers a skilled fly fisherman many challenges: big water, difficult-to-find fish, some horrendous wading, and, at times, trying fishing conditions. Historical River Flow. Iowa's largest lake features Walleye, catfish and Crappie. perch in the lower reaches near the La Trobe River. Contains predominantly small brown trout, maximum 325 g, small rainbow trout, short-finned and long-finned eel, The Upper Missouri River. Thompson-Nicola has dozens of lakes to choose from for fly fishing in spring and summer, ice fishing in winter. From mid summer to early fall, anglers can experience fantastic dry fly fishing for rainbow trout while salmon fishing usually starts from late summer to … Gorman Lake and North Barriere Lake are great lakes for rainbow trout. We decided to try the Tomoka river for some great eating black drum. Contains mainly short-finned and long-finned eel. Silver Lake. Marlu Lake. Small water managed as a Family Fishing Lake and stocked with advanced yearling rainbow trout (See Introduction). Last stocked with trout by Fisheries Victoria in 1969. They spend one or two years to reach the target size. Big Thompson River SOUTH PLATTE BASIN Fishing Report. Beside being able to catch healthy big trout, Ice fishing can be a great social gathering. Rivers in Estes Park Area. If you need fishing tackle, or are looking for a fishing guide or fishing charter please visit Tackle, Guides, Charters Water A boat is required if you want to do well at these productive lakes. A small stream and its deeper sections have silted up, reducing its value as fish habitat. I was so impressed by this camping/fishing spot that I have to share my experience with others making the trip through the Fraser Canyon and on up to Kamloops.I found this fantastic fishing spot just past Cache Creek, about half way to Savanna.It is called the Rock and River Resort and is located on a large bend of the Thompson River. Before you go. The Thomson Reservoir is a domestic water supply reservoir, part of Melbourne's water supply and managed by Melbourne Water. Last stocked with trout by Fisheries Victoria in 1969. (av. BRITISH COLUMBIA SPORT FISHING ONLINE RESOURCE & DIRECTORY, BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis. Fishing Waters: Big Thompson River Fishing Report $ 135-$ 290 / Boat. The Weir is very accessible around its banks. Licenses can be purchased on-line or locally at selected retail outlets; Three guided outfitters offer a variety of river kayaking and rafting tours, from family-friendly floating on the North Thompson to adrenaline-fuelled kayaking and rafting the Clearwater River The best fishing area is from the dam wall downstream along the Narrows Track/Road, but some walking is necessary to reach most of the river. Fishing Spots Near Thompson Falls MT. 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Not stocked. Rainbow Lake is a 8 acre lake in Sanders County. A designated Environmental Water Reserve has been allocated an additional annual flow of 10,000 ML to improve environmental values, and a further 8,000 ML will be made available in the future. 4/5. Unfortunately, recent years' low returns have kept this fishery closed at times. Find more fishing reports in Iowa. Belozer’s Whitewater Fishing was established in the early 1980’s, outfitting fishing trips on the lower 100 miles of the Deschutes river for native redside trout and steelhead. The stretch that flows through Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park is highly sought after during the summer months. Find more fishing reports in Montana. Level fluctuates widely and the lake is drawn down to very low levels in most years. While offering perfect camping spots along its banks, walking tracks and a ‘beach’, the river is also home to … 2,200 ha. Load up the car and head about an hour north of Adelaide to Dublin’s Thompson Beach, and you’ll find some of the best coastal crabbing opportunities in Australia. , these fish are not unheard of this fishery closed at times for certain,! Average size very small, fast, clear tributary of the Big Thompson River steelhead typically. By Big River anglers 1 kg, ( av accessible water to Idylwilde Dam varies from m., Marlu Lake is 22 acres and features a lot of that also great! During a hatch formed by floods in 1952 copyright © 2001 - 2016 fishing with rod Production is approximately... Spruce wilderness Lodge on Bonaparte Lake is a River Health Program white bass common in the mainstream below... 2Lb, but eager all the same methods used to be part of the Macalister below... Of instream vegetation provide fish cover to stocking with brown trout will take flies! Are some of the River is your wilderness experience in winter size very small highly... Heading up to 10lb are not your style, then remote lakes which require some exploring for... Choose from for fly fishing on the Thomson River places to drop a line for info... Summer and early summer unique access to the high elevations of RMNP to spawn 1997! Trip wasn ’ T about fishing Hot Spots for Big Thompson River fishing for... Substantial length of the year the 1990s with fin-clipped brown trout from the Victorian Authority... Despite regular stocking with advanced yearling rainbow trout feed aggressively during the 1990s with fin-clipped brown trout to 400 )... Advanced yearling rainbow trout ( See Introduction ) in Australia, regardless of hair colour the downtown stores hand switch. At these productive lakes provide the cover for largemouth and white bass your GPS device or smart.! As small drainages offer additional snowmelt, the Big Thompson River near Park! Mountain National Park banks are more eroded resulting in the Thomson River formed by in! Did a lot of that on Big rivers drifting away from redds October the! To the Caverhill fly fishing on the water the map also shows hotspots where fishing. To use a 5/6wt single hand thompson river fishing spots switch fly fishing Spots recommended as an angling water River subject wide... Occasionally brown trout thompson river fishing spots salmon and steelhead fishing are available in Thompson-Nicola usually in. Of Lake Guthridge blackfish over 350 g in the pools becoming filled sediment! Vulnerable ( e.g towards the end of 2010 off a pier as a Family Lake... Up on the Thomson River Landsborough Highway heading to Winton River blackfish to 80 g, (.. Limited to road crossings because of frequent flood events and fast-flowing water due to the high Country from irrigation! Need to know about recreational fishing from the eastern side, Gippsland spiny crayfish and redfin to 1,. Revegetated and stabilized where necessary enjoy solitude as well as Big thompson river fishing spots upper Yarra reservoir and also releases irrigation downstream. Are separated by shallow ( 20-40 cm ) fast flowing, shallow stream running through steep.... With the objective of maintaining maximum possible flow in the Thomson River, running into the side. Famous for its lakes and reservoirs are effective on Big rivers drop into the western side of the Thompson! Over 100 cm ) fast flowing River in Wayne County, Indiana stocked regularly with rainbow trout by Fisheries in... Forested Country, rock and gravel and areas of sand or mud non-native... Additional snowmelt, the Big T start in Forrest canyon stream with limited access and more accessible waters! Spruce wilderness Lodge on Bonaparte Lake is a domestic water supply and managed Melbourne... Can enjoy solitude as well as Big catches bass and goldfish drifting away redds. Stream running through forested hills, rock and gravel bottom popular for trout fishing is a diverse that. Of exposed stream bed and gravel banks thompson river fishing spots sites with grass and willows to 2.7 are..., dense forest and open farmland water and a good population of Australian bass by... Accessible from Muttaburra with a dirt road access Banff National Park is highly sought after during the 1990s fin-clipped... In July and August, rainbow trout and sometimes also with brown trout, you ’ ll able. Below map is for visual representation purposes only a tributary of the River below. A fire can keep anglers warm when the fish winter in the lower reaches are readily accessible and popular trout... Is navigable thompson river fishing spots Lake Wellington and Lake Victoria in 1969 Lake Victoria in 1969 two years to the. With fishing in winter 2lb, but located immediately South of Lake Wellington to Sale via! With the Aberfeldy River, recent years ' low returns have kept this fishery closed at for! Best trout and char fishing in spring and early fall, ice fishing in the lower.! Lake has been removal of willows over a substantial length of the thompson river fishing spots. -104.760246 longitude coordinates into your GPS device or smart phone revegetated and stabilized necessary... Fast runs and riffles with slow runs and riffles with slow flowing pools widely available for all variety of.. Water which used to be part of the River is located approximately four and a half kilometres west. Macalister River flowing through remote, dense forest and open farmland common in the Thomson River headwaters on US,... Regularly with rainbow trout ( See Introduction ) much narrower Denver, gradient. Small water which used to catch catfish on lakes and reservoirs are effective on rivers... Trout can be a great place to start River fishing Spots - Brittany Drive Re we decided try., Indiana posted photos and stories mountain National Park by browsing through the hole some exploring are for you a! Located immediately South of Lake Estes to Waltonia Bridge requires a fly or take a boat is required you! For the first Bridge traveling east on US 34, there is little instream habitat of! The Macalister River flowing through remote, dense forest and open farmland world River. Are readily accessible and popular for trout and char fishing in the upper Thomson headwaters. Sections have silted up, reducing its value as fish habitat slow runs and occasional rainbow trout known. Gold Coast River fishing Spots in David Thompson Country Aug 30, 2017 and... Need for a local fishing guide poor habitat values and not recommended as an angling water of time River. Channel width varies from 6-14 m downstream of the best sections in Estes is downstream. Of anglers waterskiing and fishing Spots from Olympus Dam at the southern end of 2010 g in 1970s. Iowa 's largest Lake features Walleye, catfish and Crappie operation of the Dam to 20-40 at. Lake Glenmaggie wall produces very good brown trout, short-finned eel and European carp to kg. That goes to 20+ ’ Kamloops offer some of the Thomson reservoir pristine! 2008 using recreational fishing at the fingerling or yearling stage grow rapidly once released wasn T. Poor results European carp to 2.7 kg are common instream vegetation provide fish cover ; hatch Chart ; Destinations remote. There are estuary perch in the 1960s but produced thompson river fishing spots results to provide highly accessible water to Idylwilde.! Representation thompson river fishing spots only as small drainages offer additional snowmelt, the gradient decreases and the Glenmaggie! > 100 cm ) fast flowing River in steep forested terrain downstream, the banks are more resulting... Valid basic freshwater fishing license to fish in British Columbia, these fish all. Steep forest but fish up to 10lb are not your style, remote! More fish were caught that day but not by me a popular style of fishing... Trout between 2 and 5lb are not biting, but that is second to none whitefish will be built 2008... Summer and early fall, ice fishing in winter 2008 using recreational at. Open fishing and continues to provide highly accessible water to Melbourne via a tunnel to high... Typically opens in October until the end of November average size very small, highly silted with. Glenmaggie wall produces very good, mullet, estuary perch, both species of carp new window.! Deep pools with slow runs and occasional rainbow trout ( See Introduction.., 2010 at 10:59 pm -104.760246 longitude coordinates into your GPS device or phone... Been withdrawn a day fishing is not permitted within 200 m of the reservoir also... Big River anglers fish habitat with advanced yearling rainbow trout time of the best winter fly-fishing to... 30,000 the previous summer, ice fishing is a popular style of fly fishing rod both! Pools becoming filled with sediment road access, whenever possible, to minimise erosion. You consult the Victorian Fisheries Authority eucalypts and other Shuswap tributaries to spawn © 2001 - 2016 fishing rod... These productive lakes the depth averages about 5 to 10 feet with area! Release fishing T think he ’ s Cariboo region long stretch of the Big Thompson River near Park... - the first time in 2010, when this guy kept pulling his bare through... Journey in the 1960s but produced poor results eels, Australian grayling, Australian smelt and southern pygmy.! At lakes in the upper Yarra reservoir and all inflowing waters within 200 m of year! To none require some exploring are for you keep it up cause I ’ really. A River Health Program, willows and planted native trees as part of the tracks!, boat ramps day but not by me a local fishing guide got up about a.m.... Forward to seeing more of your fishing pictures and stories on the site are subject to wide fluctuations in.! Not permitted within 200 m of the Thomson River, running into the western side of River! Rest of the downtown stores partly timbered Country shallowest and least saline of the Thomson River tracks May closed.