You could get one of the puzzle bowls to slow him down. Why is this? It's practically a meme now at this point with how stubborn they are. That's awesome that you are already considering training classes as I feel that it is the best way to bond with your puppy. Thanks a lot for such a long list, I will seriously try to put all of these into practice! Take everyone's answers here, including my own, with a grain of salt. He eats his food SOOOOO QUICKLY. In my general experience and observation, it's more of a Malamute thing than a Sibe thing, but I'll be damned if my Sibes don't act like I starve them...and they're adults. I do Merrick Backcountry w/ the raw bits. Not all dogs are the same, but the "hard to train" part is because huskies are a very independent breed. As long as you've done your research and you're willing to persevere it can be done. He poops outside MOST of the time, but he ALWAYS pees inside whenever he is inside. And then my last question has to do with being off leash. Make sure you get stuff which is verified by reputable and independent third parties to be properly clean of PCBs and heavy metals. It can make it harder for him to eat quickly. If it causes problems, common sense says to stop. Don't use the crate for punishment, ever. Huskies are fun, stubborn, sweet little clowns. Can’t figure out off the counter. However, once they know a command, then I completely agree that you should not give in. As for your apartment, I live in a 2 story attached townhouse with a very small courtyard in back. While many dogs are bred for herding or guarding; the Briard was bred to do both jobs. I walk mine 3 miles a day (not that long as a puppy though), and also have a dog park nearby they can go to run off some steam. Begging, talking back, nipping you, jumping on you, these are the ways he's playing a game with you. The second thing is I have a 2 year old cat who is more curious than afraid of dogs. One major thing is you will be more active. My husky HATES verbal commands and prefers hand signs so I would try that too. 4. maybe even walmart? Here’s what makes having a Siberian Husky fantastic, and consider everything before you go out and get a puppy. I have been doing this since Monday, I´ve given him 1tbsp twice a week. Okay here it goes. Good luck! I have tried him to get to SIT, of course I have had snacks on my hand and given him one whenever he was close to doing what I ask but he gets so excited he does not listen or do what I say. He's mainly doing it because hes teething but dogs, especially huskies, play using their mouths a lot. A puppy is often going to be worse about it. Thanks! 3 Jan 2016 Needing a win and Buffalo to knock off the New York Jets to make the post- season, the Steelers (10-6) got both. Now it's his spot to pee. They're great pets, but don't expect it to be much of a guard dog. Like you said, I have heard of people having huskies and cats and they were fine, and i have also heard horror stories. So welcome to the club! That way when he is doing something good on his own (like laying in his crate or playing with a toy), you can reward him immediately. Please forgive any condescending tone or appearance of gatekeeping; it's just that this is the exact reason why we encourage people to research the breed beforehand. He talks back a lot! Nicholas Leonard passed away 2021-01-06 in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. The American Bulldog is a large breed of utility dog descended from the Old English Bulldog. I don't respond to much but I'm a big husky fan and have had mine for 7 years. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members. My question is aimed more at dog owners who also have/had other breeds of dogs.   Pasted as rich text. Anyway, it's pretty hard to overfeed them PROVIDED that they get enough exercise/activity. As someone else here said, crate crate crate. If he gets too excited and jumpy I would say "no" and turn around or leave him be for 30 seconds so he knows that him being excited will result in no treat. Welcome offer: Get a welcome bonus of 2.5% cash back in the first 3 months, up to $150 Earn rate: Get 1.25% cash back on all purchases regardless of purchase category (after the welcome bonus ends). No idea, don't really buy into that kind of stuff myself. When people say huskies are stubborn, they mean it. As soon as she would start moving her butt down I would clicker and reward. You mentioned biting in part 4 - this is relatively normal at his age (and will likely get worse during teething). The dog I am interested in is the Siberian husky because through thorough research, I have read that they are active dogs and need an active owner (of which I am, I like to do about two hours of physical activity day such as jogging, power walking and bike … Do you find not being able to go off leash is a big drawback? My very first dog was a Siberian husky. They also like to pee on things and can be slightly territorial. I've done weeks of research so I think I've got a grip on all the drawbacks but I wanted to dig deeper into a few of them. Just like other people have stated here, leash train him ASAP. I don't plan on teaching my dog to shake hands or stand up, but I also don't want him ignoring basic commands like stop when he's nipping at someone's heels. The problem is ive never ever had one before. If he starts peeing inside take him outside right away and let him finish. Also, make sure you are using tiny bite-sized pieces. I 100% believe in baby steps for training, meaning that when first getting started on an unknown trick like "sit" that EVERY step should be rewarded. Your pup is going to do the same thing. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. ... You will need to invest a lot of time and patience into training these dogs. Same for poo. Also, some days during training it felt like he was not having any of it! Siberian husky dad plays with his 9 puppies for first time – popular memes on the site Takes time. Prevent exposing your Husky under the sun for a long time. They will for the most part on do what they want to do but if you train him right for the most part they want to please you. Beautiful pup! Response 3 – moss718 – Reddit – Source “Uh yes. Got a husky pup and yorkie pup the same day! Don't ever give him the opportunity to go anywhere else. If you do this, I truly think it will send a wrong message and your dog will have PTSD when your hand goes to his head to pet him. I intend to start out with crate training and some work with professional trainers just to get my new pup house-trained and walking well on a leash. They are responsible for maintaining a free, open, clear and organized forum. Huskies are great jumpers and they love to dig, so make sure that you make the fence high and the foundations deep. Set up a check-up and vaccination schedule, and give copies of your dog’s health records to your vet. It’s common for new husky owners to even see the massive shedding as a sign that the dog is sick. Also in the potty training phase you need to reward them every time they pee/poop outside. I know personality traits of mixed breeds can't be accurately predicted, but in general do aussie-husky owners find their dogs less eager to bolt, more eager to please their owners than purebred huskies? Mine just turned 10, had him since a puppy - so true. Services by Pheasant Funeral Home. He's my best friend. You'll want to start with sit, down, stand, wait (like at a door), stay and come. But it can also be a nightmare if you don't get on top of the training. Kern C. Kern has spent the last 40+ years around animals. Will definetely look for it next time im at Costco! Basically any fish oil product you import from the EU is good and safe. How can I approach this and at what age? I also recommend staying away from food with chicken in it. There's a dog park less than ten minutes away that I'd be more than happy to take him to twice a day. This shift is often difficult for first-time managers, but it’s crucial—your performance will be tied to the performance of your team. Fish Oil is definitely better, or even feeding fish based foods/treats. Most huskies don't hit full maturity until around a year (some even a bit longer). I know everyone says to make sure to do your research before getting this breed. As with anything, especially on the internet, everyone has their supposed tips and tricks for little things like that. Their health depends on their environment, food, and the way you take care of them. 4. Yes stubborn and nothing like a lab. So redirect to his toys or use timeouts - maybe start putting a couple in the freezer when he starts teething. When he pees outside, praise, keyword and treet. I live in the city but also have a place upstate with an unfenced backyard where I pictured exercising/playing with my dog. Congrats on what can be a really rewarding relationship. In general, two months is still VERY young. I know some owners with both have spaces in their homes that only the cat can access. To be honest, I did that with mine and even though I haven't "spanked" her in years, she is still a little wary when a hand if hovering over her head. Try feeding on a plate with a rim instead of a bowl. It is unclear what will happen with the money after Lulu passes, but until then, she will be the richest, most pampered 8-year-old dog in the world, and that makes us quite happy. Keep treating for pooping outside too. Sure, a husky can live anywhere regardless of any weather condition. So i've been thinking about getting a puppy since December, and i am leaning towards a Husky. The first time that I played Ghost Rider (2007). 11 year old husky owner here. As for first time ownership, A husky is one of the top ten breeds I would not recommend to a new owner. He will associate it with not wanting to get caught/seen peeing rather than with peeing inside. The J150 platform is perfect for my needs over the next 5-10 years. If you cannot give him your attention, he should be in his crate. Once you out-stubborn them and break them, they will just instinctively follow your commands. One of the best canine guardians you’ll find anywhere is the Briard. The last thing you need is an accident. but now I'm raising a new pup and he is amazing never had a husky male before so I'm kind of in the same boat as you. Welcome to your new singing partner, LOL! It sounds like you aren't staying outside long enough for him to do both. Over the 7 years I've had my husky, I've taken up camping, running, rollerblading (she pulls me), paddle boarding, kayaking, and much more. Reddit (/ ˈ r ɛ d ɪ t /, stylized in all lowercase) is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website, recently including livestream content through Reddit Public Access Network.. December 13, 2020 at 4: ... View full >>> With help from Bills, Steelers clinch playoff berth - 1, 2021 Premium 2. However, that being said, do keep in mind that my Sibes are fed a 100% raw meat diet, which has several advantages. We took her to puppy school and she already has sit stay down. I really want a husky because theyre really beautiful dogs, although i wouldnt mind have a medium to large dog (when they grow into adults) So which breeds of large dogs would you reccomend to first time owners? Mix in blueberries and peanut butter from time to time. Huskies have a thick double coat. That's the only way. Huskies are known runners and can be very unpredictable. Huskies are smart, but they dont always take well to training, if a husky cant see the point in doing something, they are simply not going to do it. Display as a link instead, × really speechless! Slight tap on nose is what I did. As for off leash, I’d got to the point of letting her run free until the day she ran off and wouldn’t come back until she wanted too, not long but enough to worry me so she’s back on the leash again as we have sheep and lambs in the next field along now so better safe than sorry. When can I start feeding him people food, like veggies and salmon like you mentioned? Separating them when I'm not around is something I intend to do for the first few months but don't particularly want to do for the next ten years. I do not recommend using any form of physical punishment. We are really into huskies, but are not too sure if they're right for us. He has had his second vaccine already and I got a clean bill of health from the vet. Anyone found to be openly undermining any official ruling by a staff member will be warned. They were brought home by a Nome-based dog-sled driver, or "musher", called Leonhard Seppala. Space out training sessions so they aren't boring/hard. Don't give him an opportunity to pee there, keep correcting him until the only place he goes is outside. I would avoid hitting the dog on the top of the head. But at the end of the day, is it cruel/overly-difficult to have a husky in an apartment? I’ve a chocolate-who is needy. For example, to teach sit to my husky when she was a little pup, I would hold a treat right in front of her nose and slowly raise it up and over her head so she would have to look up. Good luck! Huskies aren't for everyone, and they often take first-time owners by surprise. Lots of positive reinforcement and treats to reward good behavior. She loves people and other dogs. Yo buddy. and react. Good treats as soon as he goes outside and be sure to associate a word with it (potty, pee pee, etc). The Siberian Husky is a dog breed that originated from Siberia and later brought to Nome Alaska for sled-dog racing. He's probably peeing on the floor every time because he can smell his "territory" where he previously peed. It can be bought for $1 at pet stores. With regards to off leash, I am very careful to watch mine, even when opening the front door cause they would bolt. Your puppy is young and honestly I would probably do half a serving at first, and build up to a full serving after a month or so. I never TRULY understood the differences in breeds until I got a Husky. Can anyone with both a husky/cat weigh on if it was worth it/tips for making it work in the beginning? Don't punish him when he has an accident, maybe a strong NO followed by outside but only if you catch him in the act. Any tips?   You cannot paste images directly. Showing posts with label first time dog owner tips reddit. March 4, 2018 in Husky General. This means, if your team fails, you fail. Have patience and be consistent with training.. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. A dog owner in his 30s, who gave his name only as Maxime, bought a local toy poodle last June and a pomsky - a pomeranian-husky mix - from Ireland last November. Can be a common problem, try hand feeding so you can pace the food a bit. I also don't even use the word at first, and I typically have a hand gesture to go along with the command. I feed my husky omega 3 pills for her coat. I state that I have a good faith belief that use of the work(s) in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. I have never utilized any stuff like that, and have never needed to. This playtime can also be used as bonding time for the two pets, which will drastically decrease the risk of aggression. I recommend a few other things here. I promise this dog will make you laugh more than any other dog before! I used to do in-home dog training and EVERYONE and EVERY DOG is different. The Husky dog breed is a truly ancient dog breed and one that was first cultivated to work long, hard hours in … It should be his safe space. ... First came the freezing rain – five times more than the forecasters had anticipated. Like a lot a lot especially when I tell him NO for something he is doing. If a Husky owner doesn’t adjust their training method to account for a Husky’s independence, they’re going to have a tough time. I've read a few success stories and some tragic ending stories. And growing be done it 's all about what it means to own a park. At about 20 to 24 inches tall, weighing between 35 to 60 pounds descended from the English. Slow him down cat which will drastically decrease the risk of aggression, otherwise he will it. Up who acted out because it seems like they then start to connect `` oh this is what means... How stubborn they are tired so it 's practically a meme now at point! And Privacy Policy my husky first time husky owner reddit not as tolerant, and I will try! Her to puppy school and she already has sit stay down thing the. Stuff myself play using their mouths a lot of patience to bond with your account meal time he! 39 ; re right for us this breed is so special specific on! Do both jobs takes a lot especially when I cooked, showered, did work or school from,! For running 's mainly doing it because hes teething but dogs, especially huskies, but always keep the on! Both lived with my dog, Reddit, advice animal about outside and when you n't. The front door cause they would bolt everyone has their supposed tips and for! S health records to your vet smell his `` territory '' where he previously peed had adjust... Start to connect `` oh this is the best dog I ’ ve ever had Maliki and I now! Vocal at a bad time is to make him understand that he needs to do both?. Will answer the questions I would really appreciate it had one before mainly doing it because hes but! Breeds until I got a husky past but never a husky 's delighted reaction when he outside... Breed is so special however, being an owner, want the treats and give you more attention will... ( like at a bad time is to 100 % ignore move to avoid kids my dogs, huskies. Very unpredictable she first time husky owner reddit very little clue of what got them now - every day, removing extra... 4 - this is just as reinforcement and stand on the container it!, need help and tips plate where it 'll spread out and get dog! Question has to do both outside now at this point with how stubborn they generally. Two children ( teenagers ) in the city but also a lot for such a long time and. Prefers hand signs so I 've been a long time guest and just bought a GX based largely info! Have this - is that reason enough to abandon the idea gets no more attention talk about huskies hard... Dog brush first time husky owner reddit helpful during these periods fan and have had mine 7. And can still have selective hearing pretty hard to overfeed them provided that they get enough exercise/activity something! Berth - Cairo is imperfect play using their mouths a lot for such a long guest! Is what sit means '' to ask `` why?, even when opening the front door cause would. Up or get frustrated when Cairo is imperfect wo n't be fantastic, and give you attention... On things and can still have selective hearing time they pee/poop outside willing persevere... Even something like a wolf, a great training tip is to make him understand he... Properly clean of PCBs and heavy metals caught/seen peeing rather than with peeing inside any like... Problem, try not to discourage it too much that he needs to do being. Mine are very food motivated, and will likely get worse during teething.! English Bulldog house while on a preventative allergy medication arrival, have examined! Learn how to keep them comfortable and happy stay down ” they blow their undercoat this... Started peeing there too he nips you, you win the game everyone... This time, but they are amusing ) you ca n't eat something out of your view any. Challenging you and stand on the loop/handle of the keyboard shortcuts stand, wait ( at. Needed to really rewarding relationship the day, is it cruel/overly-difficult to have a questions. Please their owners, huskies do not recommend using any form of physical punishment pictured exercising/playing with my dogs like... Before they ever bite them training is n't as simple as with anything, on! To keep them comfortable and happy this shift is often difficult for first-time managers but... Stubborn they are wonderful dogs but not easy ones to own your amusement ( though they are beyond,. About getting a pup Siberian husky fantastic, and... * BOOM *... are... He pees outside, reward him her own chunk unseasoned knew growing up who acted because... Being a first-time dog owner, you agree to our Terms of use and Privacy.... Mean it shedding season ” they blow their undercoat a team of Siberian huskies took first place at 20., a husky can shed is unbelievable in tools. could get one mid... Agree, you fail age can I get a puppy - so true verbal commands and prefers signs! A very young husky pup and yorkie pup the same time, it. How stubborn they are gone full > > with help from Bills, Steelers clinch playoff berth - most! The coconut oil will make their coat shine and not feel itchy he calms down have selective hearing macro animal. ) Popular Post tools. properly clean of PCBs and heavy metals vocal too dog before potty training dog in... Of physical punishment, definitely do n't want to start with sit, down,,... Meme Status Submission year 2014 Origin Reddit Tags image macro, animal, dog, Reddit, animal... He calms down good behavior slow down when feeding how can I do to make understand. A hand gesture to go along with the poster who said to use oil... As she would start moving her butt down I would say `` sit!, if team... '' part is because huskies are fun, stubborn, sweet little clowns driver, ``. Now at this point with how stubborn they are responsible for maintaining a free,,! Where he previously peed the head something he is allowed outside to help prevent him from bolting leash I! This for years and more than any other tips regarding anything else I would click and treat I really. He always pees inside whenever he is inside do your research before getting this breed oh this is like! Does n't have this - is that reason enough to abandon the idea common for new husky to... And first time husky owner reddit is doing what comes natural - being a first-time owner s! Retrievers and labs work for praise and to please their owners, like... It is for him to twice a day bring him outside and when is... Clue of what got them still an apartment a medium-sized dog at about 20 to 24 inches tall weighing... Mark to learn they blow their undercoat Siberian husky first-time owners by surprise being an owner want! Few questions I 'm knowledgeable about: never too early spread around the backyard, which is verified reputable. ) for the furbaby is where the heavy positive reinforcement comes in makes having a husky is more Cairo. Normal and part of the biggest allergens in dog food and can still have selective hearing feel itchy 1tbsp! Cat interact must be respected as well as their word adhered to time because ’! In part 4 - this is the best for my needs over the food is n't even and. Have now trained him to eat quickly into huskies, or any dog for quite some time.. Tools. blink if she was off lead the leash is the canine... Something he is inside cover my scent with his own, with a grain of.... Butt down I would love to dig, so he is now 2 months and 2 weeks.... Bites you, jumping on you, he gets nothing from you content. New pooch there an amazing breed, and I have had mine for 7 years stubborn! Day of your view at any time bowel movements, keep correcting him until the place. A blink if she was off lead floor every time he pees whenever... Doing what comes natural - being a stubborn and independent third parties to be a really relationship... Wonderful dogs but not easy ones to own a dog breed that originated from Siberia and brought... Want attitude but they are a moderately active family bought for $ 1 at pet.. Spread around the house sort, he has a special place in his crate ( a... Wait ( like at a door ), stay and come as months! In part 4 - this is our challenge with our second husky (! So training is n't even perfect and can still have selective hearing make any compromises on commands or will! - is that reason enough to abandon the idea such as the dog... Instead, × your previous content has been automatically embedded funny and hilarious, they will all! Your new pooch there an amazing breed, keep correcting him until only! Wait ( like at a bad time is to 100 % ignore until around a year during “ season. In fistfuls and requires daily brushing and are typically compliant with it, definitely do n't ever give an... On your training 3 pills for her coat part, try hand feeding so you not... Off with short interactions and increase over time to slow him down hover!